Cthulhu Thursday: Lovecraft in Supernatural

It’s Thursday again!!! If you’re new to the blog, an introduction is in order; for some time now, over on my blog, I’ve been sharing the best the web has to offer on Lovecraft & Cthulhu related madness under the banner Cthulhu Thursday – and I’m carrying on that tradition here. (Feel free to email me with suggested ideas for future Cthulhu Thursday’s at tomas dot rawlings at redwaspdesign dot com, thanks!)

Now…I quite enjoy the TV show Supernatural – its a sort of X-Files meets Buffy show about a couple of brothers who fight evil week after week. So I am interested to hear that the show is going to feature none other than H.P. Lovecraft himself (played by Peter Ciuffa. Here’s how they both look:

H.P.Lovecraft 😉

and... Peter Ciuffa 😉

The Lovecraftsman has the full info including a video link.

(Cthulhu Thursday is a dose of Mythos to brighten darken your week. More on the idea can be found here and a list of posts thus far, here.  Also for more Cthulhu news, sign up to the cthulhuHQ twitter feed.  Enjoy!)

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