Brightmeer and the Secret Service Bureau

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land info pageThe game is going to be set in 1915 – this is before the US joined the war and was the year of some of the bloodiest battles humanity had yet seen. It was also a period of high uncertainty – the optionism of 1914 had evaporated and the slog of the trenches began… The gathering industrialisation of warfare shocked many people: In 1914 when the war started, there were still uses of massed cavalry charges, something from another era that was soon halted in the face of high explosives, machine guns and barbed wire.

So how does Professor Brightmeer, a US citizen, come to be embroiled in a war that thus far is a clash of European empires? The answer is via the Secret Service Bureau (SSB)…

The Secret Service Bureau, the fore-runner of MI5 and MI6, was created by the British in 1909 during what would become the run-up to World War One. It was created to handle a number of intelligence related tasks. To do this, there were a number of sub-departments, each given a code MI for ‘Military Intelligence’ then with a number suffix, such as MI1 (code breaking), MI15 (aerial defence), MI16 (scientific intelligence) or MI19 (interrogation). Rumours persist of other MI departments, covering areas so secret that only a handful of people with the SSB know of their existence or functions. Occasional references in hushed conversations to MI13, the deadly MI28 and the dreaded MI47. It is MI47 that asks Professor Brightmeer to come over to London. They have word of a developing situation that his particular unorthodox skills are suited to…

The SSB Logo

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