Protection from Tentacles! (and Bullets) It’s Armour Time!

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land info pageTentacles kill.  At least those belonging to various Mythos monsters do.  So the player characters are going to need armour (or spelled armor for US readers) to protect them from the various way that zombies and monsters can kill them.  One of the fun things about making a game such as The Wasted Land is that you get to add weapons and equipment into the game that you feel would make great gameplay.  In all of the Call of Cthulhu games I’ve played, I was always looking down the weapons list for the biggest guns I could find. Now I know that Library Use and Spot Hidden are my real friends, but a pump-action shotgun helps too, n’est-ce pa?

So in this game I’ve been adding weapons and armour that I feel both sound exotic and/or are perhaps what I’d want if I had to face the nameless chaos that spawns around us.  We documented the trusty Lee Enfield before, so now here are a few of the objects we’re adding to the game to bump up Armour Points:

Brewster Armor System
This was a plate armour system that covered the head and torso of the wearer in solid steel plates set at an angle so as to not only stop a bullet but also to deflect it away.  It looks very unwieldy but apparently tests showed that the wearer could still run and shoot as required despite its bulk.  This is what it looks like:

Myeonje baegab
Dubbed ‘the world first bullet proof vest’ this armour was invented in the 1860s and got its protective power from layers and layers of folded cotton. It was developed in what is now the Republic of Korea and was a counter to the threat of the modern weapons of the day. In comparison to some metal-based armour, it is light and easy to wear, though hot in summer and being cotton, prone to catching fire! This is it, in action:

Comments and feedback welcome!

PS. A final image that has been of interest to me, is this German WW1 body armour and the segmented plates give it an insectoid feel. Something for the discerning cultist?

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8 Responses to Protection from Tentacles! (and Bullets) It’s Armour Time!

  1. J Gregory says:

    That German armor would rock a wet t-shirt contest…

  2. Invariably, one of my players would always opt for auld ‘Betsy’ – the elephant gun! That armour may even stop Betsy, but they’d be flying backwards and land under the wheels of an oncoming bootlegger truck.

    Also ended up with some deaf players who thought that closed-space firearm use was the ‘in thing’.

  3. michal says:

    Illustration of Korean body armor shows Polish scientist Jan Szczepanik (shooter) and his servant John at the start of XX century. Bullet proof vest was designed for Tzar and was also wearing by Archiduke Ferdinand. Archiduke removed his armor because this was very hot day and WWI began…

    BTW, congratuliations for making new meaning of term “Historical accuracy”. Very Korean photo:D

  4. michal says:

    I’m sorry for my mistake in description: Szczepanik is inventor of this vest on photo. This is Polish design.

    • Tomas says:

      Michal, thanks for sharing that info with us! it’s the history in this that was one of the cool things about working on this game. that and cthulhu!

  5. J.C. says:

    I still don’t quite know what armor does!

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