Bringing the Big Guns Out!

So you’re playing Call of Cthulhu and you’re going to encounter all manner of horror from cultists to things that go bang in the night.  What you want clutched in your hand is something with a bit of kick to show these alien horrors not to mess with the human race!

How about a Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)?  Try this for size you slimy spawns from hell!

That’s the French made Hotchkiss HMG.  Should make the tentacled devils think twice about attacking!

That’s a first-person view showing a Lewis gun letting loose.  Designed in the US and used by the British army during World War 1, this HMG has a good rate of fire and could cause some real damage to the target.  Here’s another view of the same weapon…

Now, how do we test if the bullets will pierce 3 meters of solid blubber?  Ideas?

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3 Responses to Bringing the Big Guns Out!

  1. alejandro says:

    name of the wepon on it

  2. The Wild West Pyro says:

    The Lewis Gun? If I was a WWI Lance Corporal in the hell of the Somme/Verdun/Flanders/Mons/Ypres/Passchendaele, and I had to face a Deep One or Cthulhu, I’d use my rifle as a club or smash it into Cthulhu’s head, then pick up a Lewis Gun and show the Elder Gods who rules this place. Humanity rules. NOT THEM. (Especially Nyarthelop)

    It has the barrel shroud for cooling removed on aircraft. It was actually a Light Machine Gun-a good gunner could pick it up and fire it like a rifle.

    The B.A.R was only introduced in the final month of the war, but it was good.

    On the other hand, do not include the Chauchat. It is awful.

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