Cthulhu Christmas Calendar Help Guide

If you want a few hints and tips on using the Cthulhu Christmas Calendar or are having problems, this page might help!

Quiz Questions help: Each day has a multiple choice question.  The app notes each answer and on the 25th will tell you the final score.  You can change the answer you’ve given at any time – simply select the date you want to change, then select a new answer.  We’ll be some offering clues and hints as to the correct answer on the Cthulhu Christmas Calendar Facebook page, so feel free to pop over there and join in the discussion/summoning.

A Door Won’t Open: The art work for each day may not open if your phone is running low of resources. Each app you run, take a little resources and unless you’ve closed fully, apps can still run in the background.  If you fully turn off and back on your phone (not just going into stand-by) this should clear resources and allow you to fully enjoy the app.  For iOS you need to hold down the top button and slide the bar on the screen to switch off (more here) and for Android hold down the lock button.

Sneeking-a-Peak: The app is designed to begin on the 1st December.  However if you want to have a look ahead and see the art to come, you can.  But before you do, are you sure you want to spoil the surprise?  Really?  Ask yourself what Cthulhu would do?  If you do want to go against his wishes, there are two options.  First is to befriend a member of the Great Race of Yith and take advantage of their ability to travel through space and time.  If that does not work for you then try the following:

  • Make sure the app is fully quit; as in gone from your iOS or Android device’s memory.  This is important; so for iOS you do this by double-clicking the home button, sliding to the add icon, holding it down until the quit option appears…) There is more about this process here.  For Android go to Settings > Applications > Running Services, then look for the app’s icon and if it is there, click on it and then click the ‘stop’ option (for more see this video).
  • Then change the date to the 25th of December: For iOS go to Settings > General > Date & Time. From here turn the ‘Set Automatically’ option off. Change the date to 25th December 2011. There is more iOS help here. For Android, it’s Settings > Date & Time. You also need to stop the automatic date/time setting to change it.  There is more Android help here.
  • Run the app again – it now should allow you access to all the images and questions. They have to be selected in date order…
  • If you now re-set the date time back to ‘Set Automatically’ and don’t fully quit the app, it will remain unlocked even as the date returns to normal.
  • If you want to re-set it to the pre-December state, then fully quit it after the date has been re-set (see above) and it will check the date when re-run and re-set itself.

Resetting Cthulhu Christmas Calendar: If you want to remove all the images you’ve opened and re-set the questions you’ve answered, restoring it to the default pre-December 1st state, here’s how:

  • First you need to quit the app fully (on iOS that means not just by pressing the Home button but killing the app from running at all).
  • Then in your settings move date back in time to November 30th (iOS help here).
  • Then run the app again – it should tell you that it’s not yet December.
  • Again, fully quit the app from the memory of the phone.
  • Re-set the date to the current date. Run the app once more and it should have none of the pictures open nor any of the questions answered.

Facebook Connectivity Help:  Each time you answer a question, you will be asked if you want to post your progress so far to your Facebook page. If you are having problems with this connectivity then have a look at the following:

  • You might have logged out of Facebook via another app or webpage on your device.
  • To reset the connection between the app and your Facebook account, first open a web browser on your device and go to Facebook.com.
  • Once at the Facebook website, log in to your account.
  • Quit the Cthulhu Christmas Calendar fully (on iOS that means not just by pressing the Home button but killing the app from running at all) and run it once more.  You may need to provide the login information to the app once more to post, but that should re-connect Facebook and the app.

If you have any problem that’s not covered here, or have links and advice that may help fellow cultists and you wish to share it with us, then email me at tomas dot rawlings at redwaspdesign dot com and we’ll see what we can do.

Ai Ai Cthulhu Ph’Tagen.

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Design & Production Director at Auroch Digital. Designer of Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land. Writing and blogging things that surprise, entertain and interest me...
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  1. Morten says:

    Hi my viruskiller flags the new update as a trojan … why?

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