Version 1.2 Update: It’s with Apple now…

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land info pageVersion 1.2 is with Apple now. It could be with you in a few hours or a couple of days.  Sensitivity has been resolved by changing from double-tap to touch & hold for attacks, using items of equipment and in the Quartermaster/Swap screen. We found in testing this change that not only does to resolve the selection issues, but plays much better anyway. We have also added a pinch zoom.

We’ve fixed all the bugs such as (white textures on The Many Voices & Death By Gas) and the crashes at the end of turns/levels (it was all the same issue). There was another issue where if Brightmeer was killed in mission The Raid, it did not fail the mission as it should. So if you’re on that mission and he’s been killed, please restart it (or to last objective) so he is alive. If you’ve passed that mission he should respawn in but without any upgrades, equipment you might have given him.

Please note that while it is with Apple our testing continues and it is possible we’ll find an issue that means we have to pull version 1.2 and re-fix stuff. We’re confident this is not the case, but want you all to know the full picture. One of the issues in bug fixing is that as you fix one issue, you can often break another.

We’ve been really wowed by the support and patience of people. You all seem to get that we’re not some huge studio with hundreds of staff but an indie developer with just 3 of us! So thanks and we hope v1.2 allows uninterrupted gaming.

Thanks, The Red Wasp Hive.

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19 Responses to Version 1.2 Update: It’s with Apple now…

  1. yithian says:

    I’m actually really impressed with how open and communicative you guys are. Thanks for keeping us all in the loop!

  2. Andy McD52 says:

    Gibber cant wait as I am loving the game but stuck due to crashes.

  3. Matneee says:

    Seemed to always crash for me when I ended a turn with no NPC enemies on screen. Reading the update blurb, am I right in assuming this is fixed?

    Hope so – loving my (brief) time with it so far

  4. Jess says:

    That’s great news guys! I was really disappointed with the touch controls (they were actually near broken in my opinion). I’m a Lovecraft fan and as such, I was so excited to see an officially licensed game coming. I really do like what I have seen so far in the game, but for those like me who are cursed with big fingers, it was almost unplayable. I can’t wait to see the 1.2 update. Thank you for getting on to that so quickly!!!

  5. Alex says:

    Enjoying it thus far, bar the much meligned insensitivity of selection.
    Really hoping the white screen on the church mission gets fixed, can’t see where I’m supposed to put the purple dude for 5 turns!

  6. Reuben says:

    I am really looking forward to picking this up again. It’s a fantastic game. Thanks for all the hard work.

  7. Damon Wilson says:

    Thanks for the quick turn around on getting patch 1.2 out.

    The voices in my head tell me that the Unseen Masters are pleased.

  8. :[ says:

    Pretty disappointed to see a game released with so many bugs, particularly when it is quite expensive for an app. I have really enjoyed the game so far, but having only gotten about three missions into it (I’m up to the Church of St Molay bit) and not being able to progress any further (because all the textures are white) is really frustrating.

    Another bug I’ve noticed isthat the option to turn audio off, erm, doesn’t.

    I really can’t wait to keep playing this game but I am very surprised a professional game company would release a game that is this unstable. Having to download a 60mb patch which then doesn’t address any of the issues I’ve experienced is another disappointment.

    • Tomas says:

      Hi there, we’re very sorry for the trouble. Version 1.0 was stable, but we found a render bug in iPad2, in fixing that we opened a new couple of bugs. But they don’t happen all the time, so our testing of a fix to a stable build seemed fine. We were gutted when we realised the problem and worked long and hard to fix all the issues. We have tested version 1.2 though complete play thoughts and on multiple platforms, so it seems good. Thanks for your feedback and patience.

      PS.I’ll add the audio suggestion to our ongoing list of ideas for a new update.

  9. Meta says:

    This game could have been good, even great. Build like the old UFO games you control different toons batteling cthuhlu cults. However, the game is partly bugged and partly just not done well enough. Controls are poor, alot of scroling around to find your men hinders and slow gameplay. There are no way to save your progress, this means that you have to replay the entire mission if you die. Currently it is also crashing, alot. From the 3d level, the church, i gave up. 
    Suggestions, add a button to jump to your next man/the ones with ap left. Enable save game. Prevent crash. For now it is sadly not worth your money, no matter how much you like call of cthuhlu.

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Meta, thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback. Sorry you have not had a great experience so far, however v1.2 of the game (with Apple now) should change the feel of the game for the positive. We hope once that comes out you’ll give it another go and give us more feedback, as we hope the updating of the game does not end a v1.2…

  10. Chris says:

    How soon can we expect the update? I appreciate the speed with which you are responding to our questions and problems, but can you hazard a guess as to when Apple will release the update?

  11. AL says:

    Stillwaiting for the update before purchasing. Any updates? Does it really take 3 or more days for apple to post updates?

    Anyways, more power!

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