You want tactical depth? Wasted Land Delivers Says Guardian

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land info pageWe had a great write up on the Guardian Games blog:

You want tactical depth? I’ll give you tactical depth. Set amid the sodden trenches of World War One, The Wasted Land is a turn-based strategy sim inspired by the works of horror writer HP Lovecraft. … The weird sound effects and music make for a deliciously eerie atmosphere, and the taut, tense turn-based action will remind genre fans of the classic Xcom titles. The touch controls can be a little fiddly on the iPhone, but this is a serious, serious strategy game with an indepth knowledge of, and respect for, Cthulhu lore. Awesome – and an Android version is now in development…

We’re happy! Note in response to the controls point, version 1.21 of the game is now out that improves the sensitivity and adds a ‘next unit’ button too.

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2 Responses to You want tactical depth? Wasted Land Delivers Says Guardian

  1. David Henry says:

    Hat’s off to the team. The game is a brilliant! The moody music really suits the environment and missions. I am really enjoying (if one can enjoy and lose sanity at the same time) the progression of missions and in-depth story.
    I see news that the android version is under development. I recently upgraded my Blackberry playbook to OS2 (actually makes the device most excellent) which can play android apps that have been migrated over (I understand the process is not too difficult too).
    May be something for you to look at (if you have not already). Would be awesome to have a strategy game of this calibre in the PB. It would be unique – once again.

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