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Welcome to the Red Wasp Design help and support page. If you’ve been having a problem with any of our app or games, we’re really sorry. We try really hard to make sure our apps and games work perfectly, but things don’t always go according to plan, even nefarious ones… Rest assured once any problems have been fixed, those responsible will be dropped into a pit of Shoggoths.

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land

Steam Update (10th March 2014) If you are having controls issues – please read this! The game is played with mouse only However we’ve just put out an update that fixed the control issues. Re-start Steam to get the update. Thanks…

PC Update (23rd Feb 2014) The AppUp service is going to be ending soon. We don’t want to leave anyone Cthulhu-less so regardless of if you ask for a refund from AppUp – email us with your receipt on contact at and we’ll sort out an alternative…

Android Update (16th June 2013) Thanks to those wo’ve let us know that it does not work on some Android devices.  We’re looking into it now.  We also know it is not working on Kindle Fire – also something we’re looking at.  If the game is running slow/seems insensitive – try this first.  Thanks.

iOS Update (3rd Sept 2013) Version 1.3 of the game is out but don’t update if you are mid way though a level.  Wait until you’ve completed it and then do it (how to update apps) The new update has the extra levels DLC in and also the updated historical info in.  Also there are tactics and level guides on our site too.  Thanks!

Cthulhu Cristmas Calendar

Quick update: It’s not December, so the app lies dormant waiting…waiting until the countdown till Yuletide horror begins once more…

If the help you need is not answered on any of these pages please contact us; email tomas dot rawlings at redwaspdesign dot com and we will do our best to help.

299 Responses to Help & Support

  1. Tracy Li says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I am Tracy, a manager of Nanjing Yipin Network Information Technology Co.,Ltd. of China. Your app called “Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land” is very popular, so at our users’ request, I am writing to ask for some promo codes(About ten, and please also let me know the expiration date of them.). Would you like to share some with the Chinese users? As a present , I can give you a banner space(Please provide me with a 215px*160px GIF picture.) for a week on our platform to help you to promote it . Thank you very much! :-)Welcome to contact me:Website: http://www.youapp.cnTelephone number: +86 025-58860349Email:
    Best regards,

    • Stern says:

      Hello,Tomas !
      I’m enjoying your game on Steam, I think It’s very nice game.
      Basically I wanna edit mod COC: the wasted land, but I don’t know model files where are, I want. (I think .GfxMob files are 3Dmodel, animation, hud. and I can’t use the Scaleform.)
      So, Where are the model files located? and How can I edit them?.
      I would be grateful if you let me know about this matter.

  2. Ross Macrae says:

    Any plans for an android version? I’d buy an android version in an instant.

  3. Chakie says:

    Got this today, it’s very buggy and slow. The buttons need two states for better feedback. It crashed after five minutes in the tutorial. The movement targets are hard to hit, spent a few minutes getting the first guy to move in the tutorial. Also, all buttons feel sluggish on an iPad2, but the terrain gfx and animations are really nice.

    I’d wait for some patches, this was clearly released too soon. When the usability and stability is fixed this could be an awesome game, but my five minutes left me frustrated and I won’t pick it up again until 1.3 or so.

    • Tomas says:

      Hi there, sorry you had that experience but I hope you’ll be pleased with 1.2, and urge you to give that a go!

      • Chakie says:

        I guess you don’t have much resources to spend on testing, but please ensure that at least the tutorial does not crash. 🙂 also, please try to make picking units, positions and buttons more responsive, it’s really annoying to try to do anything. Here I compare to the playability of Hunters. I’ll test 1.2 now if you say it has already fixed all the bugs.

  4. Andy says:

    Great graphics and concept however it crashes ALL the time please fix.

  5. Mick Parry says:

    Just got this and while it looks great, it’s got a major bug that’s very annoying. When ending a turn that hasn’t had combat it crashes to the desktop. I’ve closed all background apps, got my iPad on mains as suggested but to no avail. It’s really p***ing me off. Any ideas?

  6. Chew says:

    I bought this yesterday as i like to support roleplay themed apps whenever i can. Im a big fan of pnp roleplay and CoC especially. But i must same im hugely disappointed in the number of crashes on this game. I dont seem to be able to play for longer than two minutes even after switch off and on. Im playing on 32 ipad 1.

  7. Mike Weiser says:

    Hi Red Wasp Design!

    I was really impressed with Call of Cthulhu.  It’s a great game!

    I compose and produce music and sound effects for animation, games, film, tv, audiobooks, and iPhone/iPad applications.  

    If you’re in need of original music, sound design/effects or audio editing for any of your apps, or know any other developers that are looking for such services, please let me know! You can check out my online portfolio here:

    Nice job on all your application development so far!  Let me know if I can be involved with future apps as well as updates of current software.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Mike Weiser

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Mike, Thanks for the offer. We currently have sound designers, but if the situation changes or an opportunity arises, we’ll give you a shout.

  8. Ikuinyi-owaji says:

    Is good.

  9. Rob Ehlers says:

    Fantastic game, I played all day after the 1.2 update came out. If I may make a couple of suggestions. First, the way you have the screen recenter on the person firing after every shot was extremely annoying. I spent a lot of time having to scroll back to the target to shoot him again. Second, I would have loved to be able to zoomed out much more to see more of the battlefield at once and be able to scroll around faster.

    I hope to see expansion campaigns for the game, they will be instant buys for me.

  10. Just bought the app for iPad.

    It launches a login screen OpenFeint. I chose to log in with facebook. I entered my credentials.

    The pop-up says “sorry, something went wrong.” A link says “Back to home” but when you click it, it wants to open in safari. ‘Cancel’ and nothing happens. ‘Open link’, then close out of the Safari browser and come back into the app, I’m still at the “Sorry, something is wrong screen.”

    Rebooted the iPad and went through the same stages again, this time I did not get asked to enter my credentials, it went straight to the “sorry, something went wrong screen.”

    At this point, I’m wondering about this game. Does it really exist or is it an evil plan of Nyalathrotep to drive us mythos fans insane with jealousy. as we imagine everyone else is happily losing their sanity on their iPad and iPhones?

    Now that I think about it, the Crawling Chaos is probably, to blame, but for facebook. I’ll ignore that button and give the game a try…

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Harry, Sorry you’ve had problems with OpenFeint. Might be worth checking the WiFi connection to your iOS device is working fine. Assuming it is, close the game and run Game Center and allow that to log in (as if you have both they need to communicate) then try the OpenFeint again. It is hard for us to know what is wrong there as much of the connectivity there lies with OpenFeint and not the game.

      Plan B is to sacrifice a number of animals to Nyalathrotep I guess…

  11. Johnny English says:

    Just want to say that this game is amazing, exactly what I was looking for on iOS. I didn’t play it before the update, but have had no problems at all. Brilliant work.

  12. john says:

    The idea is great…
    I like turn based games…
    This on the other hand…
    The selection of ur units is arse!!!
    Why ain’t u jus got a next unit button!!!
    That would make things so much bloody easier!!!
    An WHY wen I try an select a unit to attack or move do u av 2 push above or nearish 2 select???
    An while I’m rantin…
    I mean point blank wi a trench gun and I MISS!!!
    Let’s take that heavy machine gunner 4 example…
    An yet wen I try that miss miss MISS!!!
    If ur gna release a game at least have the common courtesy 2 release it finished fair an above all PLAYABLE!!!
    Thanks 4 wasting my money…

  13. Kayne says:

    Dear Red Wasp Design,

    Thanks so much for making such a wonderful, true-to-life app of Lovecraft’s horror. Nothing really says man’s futility and abject lack of meaning in the universe like your game. Absolutely got the mood right, and as I started playing with v1.2, I didn’t see any of the control issues reported.

    I have a question about the third and last level of the game, with the Church of St. Molay. It’s thematically fitting that the game would end in a church with no strategic value. I wanted to know if there were any other possible endings, or Easter Eggs, on this level. I also particularly like that Game Center claims that there’s additional levels – adds a real sense of hopelessness to the mood, even when played on normal difficulty.

    SPOILER ALERT: if you haven’t finished the game, please stop reading. SPOILER ALERT

    Ending #1: After clearing western trenches, send entire team to the Church. Heal entire team using medical aid station. Psychoanalyze entire team. Put Brightmeer on first colored square, move Brightmeer to second colored square. Call in air strike against large green monsters to north.
    Result: Entire team dies within four turns, just one shy of the fifth turn. Usually Mr. Shears goes insane. I’ve reproduced this result twice now.

    Ending #2: Clear western trenches, but only send Brightmeer to Church, as a scout. Have him stand on first colored square. Have him run away, hoping to reach western trenches. Call in single air strike.
    Result: Brightmeer dies within two turns. Also have reproduced this twice now.

    Ending #3: Same as #2, but send the Captain along.
    Result: Brightmeer dies first, then the captain. Also have reproduced twice now.

    Are there any other possible endings for the third and final level of the game?

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Kayne,

      Thanks for the kind words. However this level is far from the end of the game. This is from our help guides:

      Mission 4 (The Many Voices) – Initially equip Sapper Brown with his gas mask gas at the start and move him past the Medical Station but still in the trenches. Keep him the most forward of your units and he’ll draw the enemy draw cultists down though the gas. Use him and Captain Hill to deal with the Iron Cultist, moving them back to the Medical Station if need be. Once all the cultists are done you can move the other units around up though the western trenches, dealing with Reanimatess as you go. Once the time comes to cross the bridge, use the same tactic with the gas – move everyone back down south. Get Brown (supported by Hill, because he’ll take a lot of fire) to move to the bridge to drawn the next wave of cultists to him then retreat to the Medical Station, and hold this position while you kill the culitsts. Once clear you can make for the church. Once in the church, position Green and another supporting investigator on the upper First Aid post to east of church. Put the other units in the church behind Green and in position to protect Brightmeer. Then when the waves of Reanimates come, use Green and his support to draw them off and kill them (again) then when the upper waves are weakened he can support those in the church. Again use Brown’s artillery strikes to get groups of Reanimates wherever possible. Use Emma Gold to help with Sanity for the units in the church, for Green and his support if they go Manic they can heal each other, if Paralysed then being on the Medical Station keeps them safe.

      Also see the general help:


  14. John. says:

    Love this game. You’ve nailed the tone, difficulty is about right and it really scratches an XCOM-style turn-based strategy itch. The 1.2 patch has cleared up any control issues I was having. Bravo, hope this is the first in a series.

  15. Tothep says:

    Excellent game. One minor nitpick, below the picture of Lovecraft there’s an I missing in Phillips.

  16. jeremy says:

    My apologies but I cannot find any information on the Unit Skills in the Game Guides section. Did I miss it somehow? Are they explained somewhere else, possibly online in a FAQ/manual? Nonetheless, the game is lots of fun so far. Thanks!

  17. Yojimbo252 says:

    Great game, easily the best Turn Based Strategy on the iOS platform at the moment. Looking forward to the next installment and would love to see a Multiplayer Skirmish version if that’s feasible.

  18. shadowknight says:

    Please, can you write the name of main menu soundtrack song?..
    It’s awesome!

    • Tomas says:

      I’ve asked out sound people to reply. Thanks.

    • Shadowknight, all of the game sounds and music are by myself and my bandmate, with the one exception of the main menu music you ask about. This was based on a out-of-copyright recording of the British music hall song It’s a Long Way to Tipperary written by Jack Judge and performed by Stanley Kirkby.'s_a_Long_Way_to_Tipperary

      This was recorded from an original 78 sourced on eBay and then subjected to additional digital warping and layering with the atmospheres and chanting (yours truly) from the game.

      There are plenty of online sources of the song if you want to hear it in it’s original glory, although we went for the direct from 78 route to be sure we didn’t upset any copyrights.

      If you are a fan of our version in particular we have been toying with the idea of releasing some of the game soundtrack music, so keep an eye/ear out for that.

      Thanks for your interest.

  19. James says:

    Hi Red Wasp Design team,

    Many thanks for an excellent game!

    I finished playing through for the first time last night and am left wondering… what’s next? I see the main menu screen has an “Extra Missions” button, but this remains blanked out for some reason. Are you planning to release extra missions in a future update or do I need to do something to unlock this feature?

    Also, I notice that for some reason achievements have not been picked up on by the iPhone Game Centre, though I’m pretty sure I achieved many of these while playing through. Is this a bug or does the feature need to be switched on somehow?



    • Tomas says:

      Hi James. Glad you liked the game. Well spotted on the ‘extra missions’ button. We are hoping to put something in there soon….

      In regard the Achievements – did you have Open Feint enabled? Our system needs that signed in for Game Centre to work.

      Thanks, Tomas

  20. James says:

    Ah, OK, missed the Open Feint thing, will see if that helps.

    Great, look forward to extra missions as these become available.

  21. cawshis clay says:

    Fantastic game. I look forward to many more expansions!

    Couple of requests/suggestions:
    1. Zoom further out Or speed up scrolling. Sometimes it’s annoying to have to spin around the map to check for incoming baddies all the time.
    2. Some way to recenter on my target. Having to bounce back to that cultists after missing is a minor annoyance.
    3. Better end of level messages. I receive x amount of xp and “score” but I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Is there a par score? What was my score last time? Do turns affect score or xp or cash? I need more feedback!
    4. Ability to repeat levels. Is this possible? Some missions I’d like to try again for fun. I get that there is a story and this breaks the story-feeling, but the tactical combat part is so fun and well done, I can’t resist trying each level again!

    I’d never ask for anything of these things if I didn’t already fall madly in love with this game. I’ve already recommended to everyone I know. It’s brilliant! Great job and can’t wait for more news.

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Cawshis, That’s good feedback. We’ll add the ideas into our wish list. As for new content – watch this space. If you enjoyed the game, be great if you could review it on the App Store (thanks if you have already!) Tomas

  22. Thomas says:

    Hi guys, adore the game but my game freezes at a certain point on the escape from the village level. You reach the first corner at the bottom of the map and as soon as you go around it and try to end the turn is just freezes.
    Current version is 1.2 so please have a look at that bug for 1.3 so I can keep playing

    Aside from that a

  23. Alex Trenchard says:

    This is a great game; I’m currently about six levels in (just avoided being bombed by the Artillery on ‘Death by Gas’) and loving it – every level feels tense and atmospheric. I have a few minor observations/requests, however.

    -All of Cawshis Clay’s excellent comments above, but particularly Zoom. It’d be great to be able to bring a bit more into sight, particularly for the iPad. I haven’t tried playing on the iPod yet, but I imagine it’d be harder to get everything on the screen there.
    -Clearer item descriptions, particularly for medkits. I’ve learned by now that small medkits have a single use only, and medium medkits two. I’m assuming that large medkits are three? As a result of my medkit experience, I was scared to use my Psychology the first time it was available, because I thought the book would be consumed. Spells ditto.
    -Inventory/stash. I realised there was no point taking my artillery pigeon into the underground level with me, but didn’t want to sell it, only to have to buy it back again. It would be nice if there were somewhere to put it, out of use, and out of the way.

    Finally, I should probably state that these observations relate to Easy – I dread to think how hard the game must be on Hard! I’m always low on medkits, and if it’s possible to get the ‘nobody ever goes mad’ achievement, it must be by far, far better men than me.

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for the feedback. We’ll add that to our ongoing ideas list. On the difficulty, version 1.22 of the game (with Apple now) does make some stat tweaks to make the easier version a bit easier. Thanks Tomas

  24. Chris says:

    I LOVE this game.
    The first time i played it I found it a little difficult and put it down after playing a level. Then i looked online about all the stats and what they do and played around with those to improve the characters and i found myself doing better and deploying strategies to mow down the opposition and i couldn’t stop and i cancelled my errands for the day and just stayed in and played this game and finished normal difficulty!

    I want more haha! I see a huge potential for more levels/stories/scenarios/add-ons. Playing this makes me want to bust out my Arkham Horror and Mansions of Madness boardgames again =)

    Later (after my errands) I’ll try the harder difficulty.

    If i can make two suggestions… I found myself kind of wanting more characters. I get that there has to be primary characters and some characters are required as per the objectives of the levels but it would have been nice to maybe pick a team or even just swap out that 6th character which is the second rifleman who i don’t even remember his name. The other idea is a bit of choose-your-own-path type of deal. Maybe after a level you have to make a decision and go to A or B and the story branches off like that or maybe an objective pops up in the level with two choices and you can only do one. It would be cool if your split decisions lead to different last bosses or different playable characters and equipment.


    • Tomas says:

      Hi Chris, Thanks for the kind words. Your ideas for future development are very interesting and I’ll share them with the rest of the dev team. Thanks.

      • chris says:

        I’m excited to know that DLC is coming soon. I really hope you implement something along the lines of the suggestion i gave about choose-your-own-path because it would greatly increase replay value. Imagine that the story makes you choose a path twice… That means that there would be more levels (or at least play the same levels but different objectives) and 4 possible endings and every fan who bought this game will play it through to the end at least 4 times! And a permanent special equipment reward that stays in your inventory to show that you completed a certain ending and to help with a little boost for the future playthroughs would be awesome too!

        Cheers! and thanks for the upcoming DLC!

  25. Aaron says:

    I’m running the current version as a of march 6, 1.2.2. The game runs fine except for that when I try to resume a game it crashes. Other than that I love the game. I have deleted and reinstalled it then restarted my phone but it still didint work.

  26. mcglu says:

    Hello. Not sure if I’m the only one with this issue, but thought I’d report it.

    Just got my new iPad with Retina. The game appears to think it’s on an iPhone 4 and not an iPad, so the menus and screen borders are all sized incorrectly and are situated in the upper left of the screen.

    If you need screenshots, I can email them.

  27. Spook says:

    Excellent game! Now playing on hard. ..
    Couple issues already mentioned… Zooming out further would be great, flicking back to shooter after missed shot is annoying.
    Most importantly though!!! What dictates your cash and xp after completing a level???? Seriously i would love to have a breakdown of this.

    The best game Ive played on the ipad yet… been aching for something like this ever since i played the original Fallouts way back when.

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Spook, thanks for the kind comments. If you wanted to put those into an App Store review, that would be great.

      On subject of Cash and XP; you get a set amount for completing the level, and additional rewards for each enemy unit killed. You loose rewards for going unconscious. So to maximise the rewards at the end of a level; aviod falling unconscious and kill every thing!



  28. Brown Jenkin says:

    Any update on the android version?

  29. Heirgeir says:

    This looks like a match made in whatever heaven may exist.

    Please consider a PC version.

    This is so far the best argument for buying one of those tablet thingies…..

  30. Travis says:

    Would you consider adding a tutorial on how the mission scores are calculated? Sometimes I get well over a thousand and sometimes I get zero. I can’t figure out what I’m doing differently.

    Also, I’ve completed the entire campaign on normal and hard and not gotten the badges for either. Is this buggy? Or are ther other undocumented requirement for those badges.

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Travis,

      I’ll try to find some time to write about the scoring system more on the site.

      Please note that for the achievements to work you need to have Open Feint enabled. It is a free service with lots of great features. Our system uses Open Feint to enable the Game Center achievements on iOS. So if you want to track your progress and unlock them all, please make sure you have it running. If you made them both active after you’ve completed something that should have rewarded you with an achievement, then the system won’t have picked them up. It will only pick them up from the point where both are enabled onwards.



  31. Ron says:

    I just want to say thank you for making this game. As an avid amateur historian passionate about WWI, a fan of X-Com from its earliest days, and an English major with a large Lovecraft collection, it’s like you dove into my brain to find precisely what I want. Great job with this! My only real complaint is that it is just too short. Just tell me what you need me to do to get more of this great game made!

  32. Welcome
    The game is wonderful, but I do not quite understand in English. My native language – Russian. Do not plan to support the Russian?

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Peter, glad you are enjoying the game. We’d like to be able to translate the game but are a small studio. If the demand is enough, it is possible!

  33. Mirko says:

    Hello. I just finished CoC: Wasted Lands on my IPad 2 and i would like to leave some comments.
    First, i like this game. It’s a bit short but ok. 5 Hours for 4,- € is still cheaper then Cinema.

    But there are some things i dont like that much.

    1.) After finishing the game you get still some $ and EXP, but you cant spend them, and he also dont seem to save the game so you can continue with the chars in an expansion.

    2.) a “New Game +” would be nice where you can further level the chars and replay the game.

    3.) i would like a grid for better movement planing while playing.

    4.) i really disliked that he “springs” back to the char after you did something like shooting on an enemy. You allways had to scroll back to the enemy, tap him again, shoot again. If you have 4-5 actions, it just sux.

    5.) Movement. Really, you have to overwork this. I cant count how many times i mistapped while moving, tapped the wrong char, tapped 3-4 times before i got the right char, had to spin the screen because i just didnt hit the char and so on, and so on.

    6.) scroll speed. If you try to scroll on an map from the bottom to the top, it takes ages, because he scolls to slow.

    7.) i would like an minimap with an radar, so you just can click on the map and he scrolls to this position.

    8.) switching chars. How about just making small arrows on the left and the right side of the character picture, so you can switch from one char to the next one.

    Thats all what comes to my mind at this moment.

    One question: Do you have an ETA for new missions ?

    Best Regards,

    Mirko (germany)


    • Tomas says:

      Hi Mirko,

      Glad you liked the game and thanks for the feedback. Lots of good points for us to consider. Also we’re looking at DLC at the moment but no ETA as yet.
      Thanks Tomas

  34. Chris says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for the great game folks… keep the content coming!

  35. Gameplayer says:

    When will you adhere to the chosen screen orientation?
    Now you have to remove the smart cover as the app ignores it.
    That’s really anoying and can be fixed with a few lines of code.

    • Tomas says:

      Hi, Unfortunately it wont currently. We wanted the app to be universal, so it runs on all iOS devices but one of the trade-offs in the development process for the 3D engine was we had to loose the flip. We will try to get it into a later update. Thanks.

  36. Andytizer says:

    Hi there, I am the admin for I am interested in writing up an article for your PC edition of Call of Cthulu: Wasted Land (this is more of a technical write up than a review). Please let me know if you are interested in providing review code by contacting me at

  37. sid says:

    I really don’t have anything constructive to add, just that this game was phenomenal. This is the first time something like this has driven me to write a comment. I have been searching for a turn-based strategy game, and a lovecraft story to boot? awesome. I am on board with whatever you guys come out with next. Only issue is I played too much, too quickly. Great work, great game, and great info on the site.

  38. Chris Hodgkins says:

    I have an iPad 1 and I can’t resume a saved game. Is this a known issue, with a fix?

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Chris, Until recently we’d only had a couple of reports of this bug. In the last few days we’ve had a more. Its an odd one but fortunately we’ve been able to add new code to an update that should stop this from happening. You can try reporting the bug to us, so we have the data. I also suggest you uninstall the game and reinstall it from the AppStore? Do let us know how you get on. Tomas

  39. Arnold Nesis says:

    Hello. My name is Arnold Nesis. I am a music composer and producer from Israel. I have worked with a few companies both from Israel and abroad. Your company looks very interesting, and I was wondering if you need composers at this point. You can see a sample of my work here:

    or visit my website:

    Thank you.

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Arnold, We’ve got sound producers currently. But if that changes we’ll let people who’ve expressed an interest know that. Thanks Tomas

  40. Steve McGee says:

    Just finished the campaign and gotta commend you guys – great game! The blend of WW1, Cthulhu Mythos and X-Com was brilliant.

    A few additions I’d love to see in future games:

    1) Kneeling and going prone
    2) grenades
    3) pick up items/weapons of fallen humanoid enemies
    4) flame thrower
    5) biplanes somehow. Maybe a pigeon message to send for a plane strafing run?
    6) permanent damage from repeated sanity loss over the course of the campaign

    I think you could really continue with this idea and combine it with some X-Com ideas to have a team of investigators going to reports of mysterious events around an area. Randomly generated maps until the team uncover the secrets of the Mythos to fight the final battle.

    I had such a great time, I’m just excited to make it bigger and more replayable.


  41. Ralfy says:

    For the PC version, the mouse is too sensitive, such that when one clicks and holds to see another part of the map, the map is dragged quickly to a further part.

  42. Shoggoth says:

    Hey there, having a bit of a crisis here…got the download-code for the desktop version of the game yesterday at the RPC in köln, yet somehow i’m getting between 1 to 3 frames in the game at normal resolutions, 5 on 640×480 res…I was really looking forward to this, so please please help! Cthulhu f’taghn!

    • Tomas says:

      That does not sound good! Can you email me more on your setup? what version of windows, what sort of PC and graphics card you are using? to Tomas.rawlings at redwaspdesign dot com, thanks

  43. Robert N. says:

    have finished the game now on normal level and I must say it has been a great gaming experience.
    I especially enjoyed that you can play more on the defensive side because that fits my style. I was never happy with a lot of strategical games because you were forced to play aggressively to have a chance to win. Thanks for that.
    I am really looking forward to further missions.
    If you need help with a German translation I am glad to help out, having experience in translating software. Just give me a shout.

  44. Kostas says:

    What will be included in the DLC you mention?

  45. Robin says:

    Looked good at first but quickly found controls were terrible and unresponsive. my guy dies and can’t be revived because nothing activates no matter where I touch the screen. I did see it work, but it is hit and miss, and this is unacceptable. First level is way too unforgiving, forcing me to start over three times. I was like, “you’re kidding? Forcing me to start over from the intro? Not even half way through the level or at the point I completed 2 out of 3 objectives?” Not a good design decision. Any game that require hours to get through a level needs save slots or it becomes very frustrating. Some of us have lives, and no interest in replaying the same boring fight again and again and again, hoping that maybe the next one will let me activate my med kit. Deleted and refunded.

  46. Al says:

    Help!! I updated and the game wont work now. Yes, i do have an Ipad 1, please fix!

  47. Kristen says:

    Is your company still working on the fix for the IPad1? My screen goes black with music and I’m so eager to play your game!

  48. Joe says:

    I have an iPad 1. When I start the game, after leaving the Red Wasp logo, I get a blank screen while “Tipperary” plays, and I can’t get past it. I’ve deleted and reloaded the app to no avail.

  49. Mark says:

    Hey guys, its very good to see an active dev helping with probs, well done for that, my prob is i bought this on an ipad 1, before realising the problem, it works fine on my iphone 4 but want to play on the bigger screen, can you tell me when the ipad1 fix is gonna be out?

  50. Mark says:

    Excellent thanks tomas

  51. Alexander Janssen says:

    I have an iPad 1 sleeve which tilts the iPad in a way hat the button is on the left hand side. However, since the gane doesn’t rotate screen, it’s kinda awkwrd to play. Would you please include a feature to rotate screen by 180 degress?

    • Tomas says:

      Unfortunately no it wont currently. We wanted the app to be universal, so it runs on all iOS devices but one of the trade-offs in the development process for the 3D engine was we had to loose the flip. We will try to get it into a later update. Tomas

  52. B.R. says:

    Ooops, comment accidentally edited out. Sorry! Red Wasp. It was a question about the android version.

  53. Juanlu says:

    No está disponible en español ???

    • Tomas says:

      If you are on iOS, update to version 1.24 and it is in Spanish – set by the settings of the device. On PC just select the language from the drop down menu. Thanks

  54. Adam Starks says:

    Hey, just finished the game, and had a great time! One thing I noticed on the PC version is that the credits screen appears bugged. They’ll start scrolling, and then just after the Red Wasp Design logo is visible it’ll jump all the way to the end of the credits. Not a huge thing, but everyone should get credit on this awesome game 😛

    Also, the final battle may be my favorite in a game ever.


    I finished it by having an insane Carl Green leap into the foxhole with the Star Spawn and beat it to death with his shovel 😀


    • Tomas says:

      Thanks for that. We’re about to update the PC version and we’ll look at fixing that. Glad you liked the game…


      It is great when you win via madness, something very fitting about that! Love the way you’ve done the final flourish via getting into the pit it and ‘burying’ it via shovel 🙂 🙂


  55. Étienne Racette says:

    Is it possible to make a REAL French translation. I mean its more then aweful. It seem like you have put the game in the Goggle translator. It’s impossible a human could have make that much mistakes in the translation. Not even 5 words in a row are correct !?! Sometimes, all the letters have been reverses. I have paid for a game and I think i should deserve something at least correct. Or leave it in English and dont pretend to make a French translation. I expect to have something done about that in the next updates.

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Étienne,

      Sorry that the translation is not what you think it should be. I will share that with the people who organised and translated. I don’t know if we’ll be able to re-do it now, but I will suggest it. In regard the reversed text, it might be part of the game. *SPOILER* ….. In the dream sequences of the game some of the text is backwards, which if you reverse gives you a clue to a later event. *END SPOILER*



  56. fabmin says:

    Since my youngest age, I’m high milk Nyarlatotepn and I play leap-Niggurath. So when I saw that Chosium Inc.. design and Red Wasp had teamed up to release an RPG referring to the universe of HP Lovecraft, I had one wish: Only download the game, la’unique way to have the game, c is to use the platform IntelAppUp which is not supported by my computer: Vista. The game would turn it? I do not know.
    I recommend the game to friends touting their respect for the universe, considered madness, etc.. When paying for the title, they saw that they had to enter their card number for payment when they had a Paypal account have interrupted the transaction.
    So my two questions:
    -Will it be possible to play “Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land” on all Windows OS?
    -Will there be acquire the game by paying with Paypal in order not to have to give our account number to each download platform?

  57. Heya Red Wasp Folks,

    I really want to play your game but am having problems…

    Intel AppUp is the worst experience I have ever had in trying to buy/install a game on the PC and I”ve been gaming since the 90’s back when it took several floppy disks and an hour or two to configure the batch file.

    Is there any chance you can find a different distribution platform ? Steam maybe ? Or GOG ?

    Also can you give us an update on the Android version, you mentioned it was coming soon in February.



    • Tomas says:

      Hi Craig,

      Sorry for the problems. We’re looking at other systems now, so watch this space…



      • Heya Tomas !

        I persisted and have got the game working 🙂 It is brilliant ! It has a really nice board/wargame feel to it. Can’t wait for the Android version to take it with me when I’m out and about.

        I had a few questions too, is it possible to zoom in/out on the battlefield ?

        Are you planning any expansions in different settings ? A few levels set in a museum/fishing town would be awesome 😀

        And is there any chance of releasing a level editor ?



      • Tomas says:

        Hi Craig.

        Thanks for the feedback, in answer to your questions;
        – There is a pinch zoom on iPad but it only zooms out to the default camera view the game stats with (it’s there to help select a set point).
        – We’re in the process of new content at the moment though no date on it. Like the idea of a sleepy fishing village…Innsmouth perhaps?
        – Not sure about a level editor. It’s a good idea and I’ll share it with the others.



    • Tomas says:

      Hi again, it’s up on another distro site:


  58. B.R. says:

    So how long for the Android version? And sorry for pestering you; but I fear that my sanity is being directly affected by this terrible waiting…

  59. Tindalos says:

    Fantastic game! I’m looking forward to more missions . . .

    What exactly is the difference between Easy and Hard? More enemies? Enemies have better accuracy or stats?

  60. Tindalos says:

    Sorry for the double post, but I just thought of a few more questions.

    What determines how much sanity you lose from casting spells? Is it just a random amount in the range listed for the spell? Does the sanity damage from monsters work in the same way?

    Also, I noticed one inconsistency. The Hysteria book is listed in the game guide as costing 20 AP to use, but in-game it costs 30.

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Tindalos,

      Thanks for the good feedback on the game; any reviews posted on the store you got the game from are welcome!
      In answer to your questions;
      – The difference between the difficulty levels is the HP of the enemy units.
      – The SAN cost of the spell is a set amount, detailed in the Grimoire under Game Guide from the front end. Monsters are similar in that there is a set cost for either attacking or being attacked by them.
      – I’ll look into the Hysteria bug, thanks for reporting it!


      • Tindalos says:

        Thanks for the reply. I still have one question. The SAN cost of spells listed in the Grimoire are listed as a variable, rather than a set, cost. Bane, for example, is listed as costing 15-35 SAN (at least in the PC version I have).

      • Tomas says:

        Hi again. SAN loss is a dice roll between the two numbers. However it is set number there (though a variable) and does not vary with range (as other stats like HIT% and Damage can). Should have made that clearer in my initial reply. Ooops.

  61. Christian S says:

    Hi! Enjoying the game a lot! A quick suggestion: do add 1-2 saving slot so you can have a point to go back to in case you mis allocating your skill pts. At least allow saving in the party management screen. Thank you, and will surely purchase your DLC once it comes out as long as it is compatible with iPad 1!

  62. Christian M says:


    How can I unlock the bonus missions? I finished the campaign but the button is still not clickable.
    (iOS5.1.1, iPad2, Game 1.2.4)
    Thank you for this great game! I am looking forward to new campaigns!

  63. Gilith says:

    Android version is unplayable on Nexus One:
    – it’s really hard to click anything; buttons are too small, and I think most of the click attempts are treated as dragging the finger, even if it has moved only a few pixels. When I try click on the map, it usually gets scrolled a bit.
    – pinch zooming is reversed.
    – even in background, the game still keeps draining battery. Fast.

  64. hyperbolic says:

    Game isn’t responsive at all.
    While playing trying to get the players to move when tapping the squares and NOTHING happens.
    if I try for 10 mins or so it works, and they walk.

    I have SGS2 Stock 2.3.5

  65. Marc says:

    No Items in the Item Shop

    iPod 4G 64GB

    5.1.1 (9B206)

    When I clicked the CoC game icon, it went right to the management screen between missions where I assume I was when I last played it (about 18-24 hours ago). There are no items in the item shop. I also have and am further in the game on Android, so I know that there should be items in the shop on this mission. I force quit CoC, force quit all other running applications, and relaunched the game, but there are still no items in the shop.

    I’m not sure what mission I’m on exactly, but in case the loading screen quotes are specific to each mission, here’s how it starts: “Many men have related hideous things… (etc etc)…” – HP Lovecraft ‘Herbert West: Reanimator”

    • Tomas says:

      If it is a dream level (one with just Hill in) then that is right – no shop in the dreamlands! Else that is a bug and can you send us a bug report? Thanks

      • Marc says:

        Because it’s an iPod I don’t have email setup with it, so I can’t send the bug report.

      • Tomas says:

        Was the level before you encountered the empty shop one with a single player character?

      • Marc says:

        Yep, I had just completed the first dream level. I’ve since restarted the game, I wanted to rejigger my xp and money anyway. I guess I never noticed the shop was empty after that level. Thanks for your amazingly quick response.

      • Tomas says:

        Yes, shop after dream level is empty. Not a bug. Next one is full of goodies!!

  66. Tyler says:

    I am trying to run the Android version on an HTC Desire HD. Upon starting the game, the screen goes black and music eventually starts, but nothing ever shows up on the screen. Uninstalling and re-installing did not help. Help?

  67. andy says:

    Hello guys,

    I have bought the game, love the mechanics and turn based feel, love monsters, love atmosphere. I have made it almost all the way to the end, but there is one significant problem that prevents me from beating it. When I buy items between missions and assign them to team members, they get mixed up and characters start next mission either without weapons or with completely different ones than I need (eg. I have a guy skilled with elephant gun but he starts with a pistol (I dont have to stress out that he is unable to shoot shit with it)). As a fellow Android programmer, I can tell you that It is probably some tiny elementary mistake in the “shop” Activity, should take about 15 minutes to fix.

    Has anybody reported thihs bug yet?

    Thanks, make the game even more awesome by fixing this.


    • Tomas says:

      Hi Andy,

      We have had reports of the wrong item being purchased a couple of times, but not been able to track it down. As for what you describe; the jumbling up of items to that extend – this is the first report we’ve had of that. Not good! I’ll talk it over with the rest of the team and see if we can figure out how it might have hapended, because in all of the testing we’ve done (which is a lot, complete play-thoughs on different devices etc) we’ve not seen it.

      Thanks again for your time and kind words,


  68. naturalucka says:

    Hi, could iOS version support device flipping? It’s very annoying when one has headphones plugged in with standard setup.

  69. Craig Andrews says:

    Any news on new levels ?


  70. PrimeLens says:

    Request : if you record all the characters moves for every turn you can offer a feature where you play back the whole fight in real time. I can see your fans recording these videos an putting them on youtube. Great fun and great advertising for you.

    • Tomas says:

      It’s a great idea, currently we record the state only for saves, but we can chat here about extending it.

      • PrimeLens says:

        Maybe a standalone app that reads and plays saved battles?
        Great game anyway and congratulations. It has a wonder feeling of suspense to it that few games manage to muster.

      • PrimeLens says:

        Request: could you build a 2nd weapons screen? Some of the weaker less powerful guns are actually useful (like handguns) because you can fire them three even four times in a turn, but they are no longer for sale as you get further into the game.

  71. Having waited for months for this to come out on PC, I finally acquired it. I was unimpressed. Firstly, I had to get it through some shitty download service which wanted to install parasite-ware on my machine. Secondly, it crashes if I try and actually start a normal game. I’m less than impressed.

  72. PrimeLens says:

    A wordpress question for Tomas – the wordpress on this blog allows the poster to subscribe to be notified by email of additional replies. I really the way this feature is implemented on this site. What plugin are you using? or is it part of the twenty-ten theme? or is it part of the latest core wordpress edition?

  73. Stepan says:

    Hello Red Wasp!
    I really enjoyed your game! But it has only one supported language. I’ll be glad to localize it on correct russian. I think that much more gamers will enjoy story of this game. I can do it myself and free) just because i like stories of Howard Phillips and his dark descent atmosphere. Tell me if you too..

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Stepan, That is very kind of you, cthulhu smiles on your dreams… If we are going to add Russian I will get in touch. Tomas

  74. PrimeLens says:

    Took out the end boss on HARD difficulty. 255 hp !
    pics and strategy here

  75. David says:

    I tried the English version and it was fine. Then I upgraded to the Spanish translation and I had to erase the game: it was unplayable (full of mistakes, horrible) and you can’t choose the game language. A shame.

  76. haarlinsh says:

    how can i change the language ?? i tried the french one and its full of mistakes (even worse than a google translation) .. i wish to play in english , i’m on android

  77. marc moody says:

    I have beaten the game in both normal and hard modes, but I did not get the achievement for either. I noticed there is a grey button for extra missions on the maine menu. Are the extra missions somehow related to completing the campaign? If so then how do I access them? If not then how do I officially complete the. Ampaign and get the achievement.


  78. Doug Davison says:

    Hey RedWasp Design, I’ll be buying and trying the game out on PC right after I make this post. I’m the President of SmiteWorks and we have a virtual tabletop (VTT) rendition of Call of Cthulhu along with a bunch of converted adventures and supplements. Our VTT is called Fantasy Grounds and is very popular. I think our users would be interested in this product, so I would love to do a banner exchange or link exchange with you. Furthermore, we offer various map packs, token and portrait packs for use within our VTT. Connect to me at support at and we can discuss how we might be able to get some secondary usage/sales for the graphics you use in your game.

    Keep up the good work. I hope to see more games from you in the same theme.

    -Doug Davison

  79. Jack says:

    Android version doesn’t run on my Motorola Defy.
    I see only black screen 😦
    (When I block and unblock the screen there is some music, but nothing more)

  80. smartfox says:

    PC Version. System: Windows 7 Ultimate. My mouse reacts to slow. Cursor jumps with lags. Playing is impossible. Any solution?

  81. Joseph McAuley says:

    I had a bit of a technical problem with installing the Android version of the game, I contacted Tomas and we had a resolution within the day- excellent customer service all round and I look forward to your future projects!

  82. Xidus says:

    IOS version (ipad 3rd gen)
    The descriptions for 2 spells in the Grimoire seem jumbled up (wrack of hate, wrack of void).

    There isn’t any music during missions.

    • Tomas says:

      I’ll have a look at the spells text, thanks. A few other people have reported this issue and solved it by fully quitting the game from memory (iOS, Android) then running it again. Then select the options and switch the sound off then on (or just on if it is off) and then switch the device off then on again and try the game.

      I hope this works for you, Tomas

  83. Heirgeir says:

    PC Version on windows 7, Home Premium ed SP1,
    Have problem with what is probably a menu. When clicking anywhere on the character portrait or skills the screen goes black. Menu items seem to be there. If I click the mouse I will sometimes get hear sounds as if things are happening. At one point I got the resume menu. Seems like some kind of screen is there but since neither it nor the mouse is visible it is hard to use.
    Any ideas ?

  84. kthr says:

    Hey Sebastian from Germany here.

    So far I really like your game, however there’s one real big problem with the German version:
    It’s translation is ATROCIOUS, don’t get me wrong this isn’t any kind of personal attack, it’s just that you can’t download the English version of the game from the German App Store and the awkward translation gives the Game not the scary atmosphere it deserves.
    The biggest flaw with the translation though, is that the instruction how to use the games key function (targeting, shooting) is only visible in French!

    Is there any way for me to get the whole transcript from you so I can translate it myself?

    • Tomas says:

      Hi there, that is an interesting request – we have had mixed feedback about the translations in various languages. Publishing the full text might be an idea. We’ll chat about it. As for the bit in French only – might be a bug, I will have a look. Tomas

  85. victor says:

    Hi I just bought the wasted land for my Samsung Galaxy 2. And right from the start I enqountered a huge problem in the fact that I can’t move any characters. selecting them is fine and all the menues work but I can’t move other than by chance. My main question is: Could I possibly trade my android game for the PC-port or do I just have to wait for some future update?

  86. The shield bonus seems wrong when you are fighting in the trenches. I am standing point blank with a spider on the same level and we are both getting shield bonuses from each other. Regardless, awesome game thanks.

  87. Lucas says:

    Dear all, Wested land seems to be grat game with wonderfull Cthulhu twist, I recently bough it on HTC Flyer.

    And here my sad story starts – touch screen is not working in only this particular game. I really count on you in fixing this problem,

  88. ofer says:

    I bought Wasted Land for my samsung galaxy S2, and i have a problem with moving the characters.
    On the menu the touch screen functions properly, and i have no problem selecting soldiers, but when it comes to moving them, they just won’t budge.
    Is there an update coming up that will fix it, or can i get my money back?
    thank you

    • Tomas says:

      Hi – I’ve emailed you about this. Thanks

      • ofer says:

        hi, it took me a long time, but i finnaly had some time to try your advice
        and it still didn’t help.
        It takes a lot of time to just make one soldier move once, and it’s simply impossible to play the whole game like this.
        When are you going to release a patch for this game on android / Galaxy 2?
        Until then people may accidently buy an unplayable game

  89. Matthew Paul says:

    Tiny typo/bug in the new DLC (I was looking to submit a screnshot but can’t find anywhere on the site to do that…):

    One of the dialogues from Kaul:
    “Hmmmm. Looks like a little ambush has been prepared for our return to earth. How thoughtful. While has had to stay, helpfully S’hul’zer has …..”

    …has had…

    Keep up the good work!

  90. Adam Contini says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve just purchased Cthulhu: The Wasted Land FREE on iOS. I’m running it on an iPhone 4 (not 4s) with iOS5. I encountered a strange problem. I was able to play through basic training and the first mission without problem, and was able to then upgrade my investigators and purchase things in the quartermaster. But when I then clicked the bottom right checkmark of the “Team Management” screen, a dialog popped up saying “Are you sure?” with a checkmark and an x on it. At this point nothing responds. Neither the checkmark, the x nor anything else does anything except for pushing the home button, to quit the game. I’ve managed (by force quitting the game) to repeat this several times, never properly getting out of the team management screen after the 1st mission. I’ve repeatedly touched every part of the screen when this happens in case some other part of the screen will do something, but nothing gives. thoughts?

    also, on a smaller note: do you guys intend to ever let us listen to our own music while playing the game? I know it would ruin the atmosphere, but I was just curious.

    • Tomas says:

      Hi there – that does not sound good. Can I suggest that you look at the general smooth running on iOS section here: See if that helps? I’ll look into the bug this end too.

      Yes we listen to the music while playing, we have to to test it, so I’ve heard it a lot. Still like it though! Tomas

      • Adam Contini says:

        Hey, I think I discovered the problem: The app seems to trigger an itunes store pop up to buy the next level for $.99 when you click the checkmark. If you’re out of a service area (for instance, I encountered the problem while on the subway) it just sort of locks up or the screen is unresponsive while it, as near as I can tell, waits for the itunes pop up. Still dunno why tapping the x mark doesn’t cancel this whole process. just thought I’d mention it.

  91. Richard says:

    Hi, after discovering the free version on the app store I was asked to pay to continue. I had very much enjoyed it and so did, only to discover after that the money purchased one level. I was far more unhappy to later discover the complete game available for £2.99, much less than the version that I had already bought into adds up to. I would be delighted to give you the £2.99 for the complete game, but am very irritated that this pricing policy was not explained (short of a preemptive support search). I would like to swap from the free version to the complete version and pay the balance between 2.99 and the money I have already paid (I think i have made 3 purchases).

  92. David Moyle says:

    Hi There,

    Playing on a Kindle Fire. Smooth, gorgeous, fantastically fun game so far. (I’m on mission 2.) Two questions, though: is the sound supposed to be nothing more than a swelling, wave-like, insectoid stuttering throughout? Also, is it possible to get the extra missions on the Kindle Fire? The extra-missions button is there, but it’s dimmed, can’t be accessed. Do I have to finish the game first? (I’m not sure if I have to–nor how to–update the app. I just bought the game on 9.22.12.)

    Again, let me express how much I like this game. I love Lovecraft, and I’m also nostalgic for the old Baldur’s Gate PC games. Your game seems to mix both, in a way. Keep it up!

    • Tomas says:

      Hi David,

      Currently the extra levels are only on iOS, we’re looking at Android at the moment. As for the sound it should sound warped but not sure if that is what you are getting? Anyway thanks for the kind comments.


      • DRM says:

        Hi Tomas,

        Thanks for the reply. The sound is warped, for sure. It isn’t music, though–it sounds sort of like waves of summer cicadas in the trees. There is no music. Combat is silent. It’s weird, which fits. But is that how it’s supposed to be?

        P.S. Release this on Xbox Live and I’ll buy it all over again.

      • Tomas says:

        Thanks! You can get examples what the audio should sound for free here:
        [audio src="" /]
        [audio src="" /]
        [audio src="" /]

  93. DRM says:

    Thanks, Tomas–

    Mine sounds nothing like that–just stuttering ambience. (Mine’s creepier, I’d say.) Any idea how to fix it?

    Also, I might as well just ask: are you planning on releasing the game on Xbox Live?

  94. Adrian says:

    Hi, Encountered an error with the IOS version on an iPad 2, IOS5 – Cthulhu: The Wasted Land FREE.
    I seem to have encountered the same error as “Adam Contini says: September 21, 2012 at 5:20 am” where the game seems to hang after finishing the first mission and attempting to leave the team management screen (to continue the game).
    Like Adam, I am able to force shutdown the app, and return to the saved game, but the failure replicates each time.
    I have tried not upgrading characters after the mission and going right on to the next mission with no luck, I have redone the mission a few times to see if it just a one off.
    i have also played it right after a powerdown/up to ensure nothing was hogging memory (the game runs smoothly anyway)
    See Adam’s post 4-5 up for extra details (except the music part, I like the music 🙂 ) – The posted advice on smooth running makes no difference.
    I’ll test Adam’s advice on the in-service aspect, but it seems to still happen when I am within my Wifi connection.

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Adrian, Thanks for letting us know. We have a new version of the free game with Apple now that fixes a couple of minor bugs – we hope it will fix this for you. I’ll post here when it has passed Apple. Thanks, Tomas

  95. Morten says:

    Im having same isses as adrian and Canterbury continue game after first mission.

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Morten, There is a new version of the game with Apple due out any day now that should fix the issues. I’ll post here when it is out. Tomas

  96. Sonya Scallan says:

    I have someone stalking me on openfeint I keep blocking.him then he on my friends wall and using different names. I believe it’s him because everytime I ignore the request or friend him and then block him he’sposting repeatedly (like 7 times in a 2 hours) so do I have to been on( of) to play slots journey and still my daily.bonus. please help with an answer .. thanks

  97. Samuel says:

    Any plans to release the Kraul’s Diary DLC for the PC version?

  98. Jerry says:

    Hi there,

    Are you planning on making this available for us Playbook owners?

  99. Kamboya says:

    Hello, I try to play another mision, I buy, but never download.
    I use iphone.
    Thank you.

    • Tomas says:

      Go to buy and download again, you will not be charged for the mission again provided you’re using the same iTunes account (though you have to use the buy button!) Thanks

  100. Chris says:

    I really like this game and would like to update it for Android, but I made the mistake of buying it through Amazon. Is there any chance of your current update posting there?

  101. Ryan says:


    I am loving The Wasted Lane on my 4g ipod. I am not loving the $0.99 per mission as I normally play it on the train to work (no wi-fi). Can I somehow pay a flat rate for the whole game?

  102. Sami says:

    Awesome game…almost ruined by technical flaws. I’m running it with Nexus 10 and the touch controls are just horrific. The zoom has a will of it’s own. I often have to tap the screen many many times to do a task, to select soldier, to tap on the map etc.. It’s really shame because the game has so many good things otherwise.

  103. Dee says:

    Hi guys, I am trying to install through IndieCity, but it doesnt work. Please help!

    “Unable to locate application file ‘The Wasted Land.msi’.

    The following components were successfully installed:
    – Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Libraries (x86)

    See the setup log file located at ‘C:\Users\Baba\AppData\Local\Temp\VSD1C86.tmp\install.log’ for more information.”

  104. Dee says:

    Hi Tomas, it crashes to desktop immediately after the 2nd intro picture is shown in new game. Though I can fully play the tutorial.. tried everything already. Am I the only one having this problem through IndieCity?

  105. Martyr says:

    Money being stolen by the QUARTERMASTER…Make him stop

    I highlight the item I want to buy and then select the spot on my character I want it to go.
    On my GT-P6210 though it charges me the money for the item, but it never shows up.

    I had to change my way of purchasing to
    Open a inventoryBOX on my character by highlighting it then taping and then holding my purchase.

    Please look into this, Great game and Obvious ability to print money if you can get a HELLBOY
    expansion, though I do feel the Vast majority of the pallet is left untouched.

    I asked myself why did the game end in 11 missions? Why did we stick to the same battle field?

    Tropical islands, the cold vast north, the deserts of egypt, heck even NY city are all possible venues, when the paranormal guy started talking about previous encounters, I was excited as I though we may go to a city or an old forest…etc.

    Like others have said MORE as it’s a little short in content for the price, vs Aralon, Where’s my water, even spy mouse…

  106. dreamsincode says:


    We would love to work with you on a game that were currently working on!,
    our team are mostly young and we would love to work under your wing.
    please please reply!

    visit for more information:

  107. Graham Bartram says:

    Any news yet as to when we PC gamers will get the DLC? I’ve played the game through a gazillion times and I need more.

  108. Graham Bartram says:

    Now I’ve gone and got the bundle too I can play on Android. Soooooo…… any news on the DLC for Android? (please say yes, I can’t take it any more and I’m not buying an iPhone to play it).

  109. bartje says:

    I’m having huge issues with the controls on galaxy s2. Is there anything to do about this? It is such a lovely game but moving units by the touch pad somewhat ruins the experience..


  110. Alvaro says:

    My OS is Windows XP 64bit. I got the PC version from Gamersgate. Every time I try to install, I get a window stating: The operating system is not adequate. Could you help me?

  111. Kungaru says:

    The game is amazing, but what about different languages? I can try to help with russian translation, if you wish

  112. JoneSS says:

    what happened to Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land ? It became greenlit on steam though no update on it’s page by the dev’s, also looks like the last time the dev was on steam is 153 days ago. Was it abandoned or what ? will we see it on steam or not ? if yes – when ? since the comunity voted for it to get on steam i guess we have the right to know details….

    • Tomas says:

      Hi there. We’re working on it now. The game was built in our own engine so the port is not as simple as it might be with another system, but it’s happening and thanks for your support!

  113. simon says:

    Hello i want to know how can i change the languaje of the game to spanish please?
    I would apreciate your response quickly

    • Tomas says:

      If you’re on PC, just change the language setting when you run the game. If on mobile, it detects the language setting automatically, so if you change your device, the language will change too. Tomas

  114. Paul says:

    Hi,I have downloaded your pc game and I am very excited to start playing….but,I get to the language and screen size options and no matter what screen size I select I get the error message “can’t set full screen mode”.I cannot progress any further,the game wont start.Any idea why?Your help will be VERY much appreciated as its been frustrating!

    Many thanks in advance.

  115. Philip Wolff says:


    Love the game! Just curious if you were intending to expand what you’ve already achieved into a full RPG version of Call of Cthulhu. It almost felt like Wasted Land was the first step in that direction – and it would be incredible to have an expanding Lovecraftian world based on your beautiful game mechanics and design – with online play, self rolled characters etc etc 🙂 …
    I can but dream…!

    • Tomas says:

      We’re going to be releasing the game on Steam soon all going according to plan with the DLC added. Those of the main plans for now… Thanks for the kind words! Tomas

  116. Silly Rabbit says:

    Your game engine seems perfectly suited for an adaptation of this miniatures skirmish game:

    Would your firm ever consider producing a licensed version for the iPad?

  117. Ross Webb-Wagg says:

    With Intel AppUp closing down, how is this going to effect people who purchased Waste Land through this App?

    • Tomas says:

      Bit of a bummer, yes. However anyone who’s supported us by buying the game won’t be left Cthulhu-less! We are happy to offer either a GamersGate version (DRM free) or a Steam key (when it’s out in a few weeks we hope) to anyone who forwards us their AppUp receipt. Email contact at with your proof of purchase and what version you’d like. Thanks, Tomas

  118. Paul Brown says:

    Finished the game the other day after playing it every chance I had over the course of week. Really enjoyed it – game system and mechanics are brilliant – you are definitely on to something there. Are there any extra missions/downloadable content available for the PC (via GamersGate)? Better still, any plans for a sequel?

  119. Andreas says:

    Bought the game from Steam. Can’t get it to run. Error Code 51. Tried to search for the answere, but didn’t find any. What do I do?

  120. Kevin D.K says:

    openfeint doesnt exist any more as of end 2012.
    your app asks for it at startup,
    yet afaik know your game was released mid-late 2013 somewhere.
    What gives?
    And what should users do?J

  121. Ben says:

    Tried the version I got with one of my IndieGala bundles again this time with a newer phone….for some reason it hated my Galaxy S4 Active. It loaded and everything (even got to start a game, could never do that with my older device) however could not tap anything other than rotate screen and the pause button, and even that took quite a bit of work. I did see that you recommend stopping all running processes before playing. Tried that and my phone had a fit trying to restart everything. Didn’t help the sensitivity though, really shouldn’t anyway seeing as the phone has a GB of ram free during normal operation.

  122. Tomas says:

    Sorry to hear that Ben. We’ve emailed you re the issue. Thanks

  123. Jhon Mark says:

    Hi Red Wasp Design!
    I was really impresed with Call of Cthulhu. It’s a great game!
    And ofcorse your website is also great.

    Hi Red Wasp Design!

    I was really impressed with Call of Cthulhu. It’s a great game!

  124. Darren Croom says:

    Thanks For the game Bro.

  125. Thanks red
    its is really good.

  126. Hi,
    I have bough CoC the Wasteland for my old Ipad, wich no longer is in use.
    Now I have a Nexus 5, and want to play the game again.
    Do I have to buy it once more? Or is there a way to retrieve my old account?

  127. Jack Kerr says:

    Hey so I downloaded this game of steam But whenever it installs the files get deleted by McAfee claiming its a trojan virus

  128. Markus says:

    Hey Tomas,
    there is a big discussion on the steamforums (now 2 weeks already) that some antivirus programs are giving a trojan alert. For me Avira is really aggressive and tries to block it even after i said that it should always allow it. I tried to write you an email, but i only get “mail quota exceeded” back, so i try it this way.
    Here’s the virusreport:
    Here’s the discussion:
    Please give us an official answer, if it’s a false positive or not. Thanks

  129. Wagner U Silva says:

    I bought your game from appleStore some years ago, but now I can´t install the game again in my new Ipad because your game is not listed in my account or in the appeStore. I contact apple and they said that I can´t install the game because your company removed the game. Is there some plan to put the game again in the appleStore?
    Sorry for my english.

  130. Andre Walendowsky says:

    Hello Tomas. I also bought CoC:TWL on Apple’s App Store a while ago and recently tried to buy Kaul’s Diary extra level without success. Also tried to look for it on the App Store (same original account) and it is not there. It may be an issue similar to our friend Wagner is having. I would very much like to see it back again on the Apple’s Store. Thanks in advance.

  131. Mathieu Gariépy says:

    I bought Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land on The game was automatically installed in french (My phone is in french) but I would prefer to play in english.
    There are no language settings in the option menu and I can’t find a solution online or on your website.
    Thank you for your help,

    • Tomas says:

      Hi There. It takes the location language from the device. Which means you’ll need to change the device to English to play in that. Sorry.

  132. Will Glasse says:

    Hi, I was wondering who I might contact in regard to potentially doing a summer Internship at Red Wasp Designs?

    • Tomas says:

      Hi Will, we’re <a href="http://Hi there, sorry to say we're no longer selling the game. We posted about it here. Thanks for your support!”>no longer operating. Try the Bristol Games Hub community. Thanks.

  133. Do you offer year 10 work experience? If so how could I contact you?

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