Privacy Policy

This page sets out the privacy policy for Red Wasp Design and the apps and games we create and the marketing activity we undertake.

Facebook Apps
For apps and games that access Facebook, we only post information generated by the game or app (such as score) to your profile.  These are set a public postings by default.  We don’t access your information at all nor use any permissions to your profile to gather any data about you at all.  The permissions for the games and apps we create can be seen, edited or revoked via your Account Settings/Apps page on Facebook.

Marketing Information
If you have signed-up to follow us via email, Facebook, Twitter or any other means we may use this connection to tell you about news related to Red Wasp Design and our games and apps.  If you email us about something, we may reply and invite you to join our mailing lists and/or other social media network connected to our games or apps. We may also email you with important news about our games.  However we will never share your information with any third-party without your permission.  The networks we’re using to talk to people can be accessed via the links in the right-hand bar of this site.

Any problems or questions, please email us on contact at redwaspdesign dot com.


4 Responses to Privacy Policy

  1. Chase Queen says:

    I am From Houston Texas I have been searching for The Perfect Piece to represent Me and my Motorcycle club.. I came across your art of H.P. Lovecraft with Cthulhu behind him and was hoping that maybe there was a chance that we could use this image to represent our Club.. We call ourselves Cthulhu Nation and would want to make patches of the design and club T-shirts we were wondering what it would take to use your design as our own. We are open to paying for the image we do donate to charity would you please consider and reply with a response thank you.

    • Tomas says:

      Hi there Chase Queen, we’re fine with you using the image for non-profit purposes for your club; making a donation to a local charity is a great idea as a thanks to us. Send us a photo of you people and we’ll post it on the site! Tomas

  2. Chase Queen says:

    Thank you for your response and thank you for your support we donate every year to local charities and were wandering if we wanted to sell our club shirts to help benifit the charities would that be a problem and if so how could we go about doing so maybe including your name as the artists of our design

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