Wasted Land Back on App Store & General Update

Hi all – Red Wasps here! We had a technical hitch that took Wasted land off the App Store briefly, but it’s back on now.  The game is also on sale at Steam at the moment – so worth grabbing!

We also wanted to let you all know that for various reasons we’re sadly no longer in a position to do ongoing development on the project. We’re still able to offer a degree of support for tech problems and plenty for gameplay questions, however the game is ‘sold as seen’. This means if you have a technical problem and the solution would need to come from us updating the game, then we’re not able to do that. We know the game works for the vast majority of players and it’s been tested a lot of by us, but if you buy it and have tried the usual (drivers updated, re-install on Steam etc) then there is not much we can do.

We do still want people who love Cthulhu games (as we do!) to be able to get the game, but also want to be transparent about the position the project is in. Thanks and do email over questions etc to contact at redwaspdesign dot com and we’ll do our best to answer them.

We also appreciate all the support and messages so far.


Red Wasp Team.

PS. If you want to follow what we’re up to from here on-wards… Tomas & Stu are both working on another strategy title with Lovecraftian influences, Dark Future: Blood Red States over at Auroch Digital. You can follow this on email & Twitter.

Micheal is working away on lots of cool things at Plastic Ant.

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12 Responses to Wasted Land Back on App Store & General Update

  1. It is understandable that economics are what they are in terms of keeping old software on life-support. However, it would be nice, if and when and company makes these kinds of decisions to opensource the code that goes along with the game so the community can support themselves.

  2. HX says:

    Could you release the game on GOG, please? Lots of turn-based loving people there, perfect audience for the game. The more exposure you get, the better!

    (Still crossing fingers we get to play a sequel one day – preferably made with PC in mind first, bigger, even better, with plenty of tactical depth – Jagged Alliance 2 would be a perfect source of inspiration for combat. Love The Wasted Land, it begs to be re-visited in a grander form).

  3. Carl says:

    With some re-skinning your game engine would make a great iOS implementation of, say either Pulp Alley, or In Her Majesty’s Name miniatures game systems. Perhaps a license from either properties might breathe new life into the enterprise?

  4. Does that mean that the extension will never be released on Android?

  5. Does this mean the DLC of Kaul’s Diary will never be made available for Android?

  6. jake says:

    im sorry, i just got this game. What on earth is up with the accuracy? Their soldiers consistently hit mine from extremely far distances yet I cant hit from the literal square next to them? 57% accuracy at that close? WHY??????????

    • Tomas says:

      That’s just the way the turn-based strategy system works. As your characters progress though you can up their skill and they will soon be killer shots!

  7. musso says:

    Hello, do you know why the game and the dlc disappeared from AppStore? It was my favorite game on ios, but i haven’t got ios device for 2 years and when i looked for chtulhu in my purchased i didn’t find it.

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