Fhtagn and thanks for all the squid.

Hi all. We just wanted to update you to say that our run with Red Wasp and The Wasted Land has come to an end. If you’ve got the game, you’ll still have it. However going forward you’ll not be able to get it anymore. We’re all off doing other things now and so it does not make it feasible to keep running Red Wasp and keep it live. First off we’re hugely proud of all we achieved with the game and Red Wasp and secondly a huge thanks to all who’ve supported the game and us. We’ve won a few awards for the game and we’re super proud of them. Is this the end for us? Far from it, jut not as Red Wasp!  If you want to follow what we’re up to from here on-wards… Tomas & Stu are both working on another strategy title with Lovecraftian influences, Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics oh and also Dark Future: Blood Red States over at Auroch Digital. You can follow this on email & Twitter.

Michael is working away on lots of cool things at Plastic Ant.

So thanks, fhtagn and thanks for all the squid.

Still from Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted land, Director's Cut Trailer

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10 Responses to Fhtagn and thanks for all the squid.

  1. Was just thinking of having another replay 😦

  2. Rob Rendell says:

    Thanks for creating Wasted Lands! May your future endeavours be satisfying and successful!

  3. Tony O says:

    O_o You know people still want to give you money right? *sigh*

  4. Jason says:

    Why can you not just leave it at the App Store and it update . Many others do. Years ago I got the Free version but never bought the full. Can I still use the free and upgrade via the game?
    Hope you do well it was a fun game. Do you recommend any other iOS turn based games like wasted land?

  5. John Smith says:

    What possible reason would you have to take the game down from Steam? You don’t want my money, okay, but why would I ever support you in future projects when you demonstrate you won’t support one that people either already paid for or want to purchase and can’t. That’s completely amateur hour.

    • Tomas says:

      The game is still available on Steam for those who purchased it, however to keep selling it means we need to keep operating a company, so having to file accounts etc. As we’re not operating any more we can’t do either. Thanks.

      • Philip Wolff says:

        Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for an excellent Lovecraftian game Tomas! I have a remarkably short attention span, and The Wasted Land is the only IPhone game I have been compelled to finish – and I’ve played a fair few games 🙂 ! It’s the closest I’ve been to the atmosphere created by Call of Cthulhu (pen and paper) back in the 80’s when I dreamed of a time where a hand-held computerized version might become a reality. I have you to thank for that! Very best wishes with all your future pursuits!

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